THIEFT SUSPECT Exit video from Beihl, Rare Coins
Author: Fred Beihl   -   Wednesday September 26, 2018

Date: Wed, Sep 26, 2018 at 1:24 AM
Subject: SUSPECT Exit video from Beihl, Rare Coins

Link below from my video security camera. Click on video. You may call me Fred Beihl if you are unsure or have any questions: 717-993-3163



From Fred Beihl, Rare Coins, Auctioneer,
Suspect Report and Video attached:
This happened Tuesday 25 September 2018 3:31 PM- 3:50 PM
Hello every one, I did contact some of you late Tuesday afternoon to be on the lookout for two Males trying to buy Gold coins or gold Jewelry chains as a gift - they can't wait for special orders, and want to pay with credit card.
I was AWARE of these guys and yet, they stole a few "counterfeit coins" (used for examination at the Coin Club) but I am concerned that these coins could deceive others. READ ON This was Reported to: Officer Smith, SRPD later Tuesday after I closed up and discovered the theft! They might offer them for sale to you, be careful. SEE VIDEO for photo description of the two suspects and my coin photos which are photos of genuine coins of the type stolen not the actual (fake) coins.
See ATTACHED report and video. Fred Beihl 717-993-3163

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