Doubled Dies vs. Machine Doubling
Author: Alan   -   Wednesday May 15, 2019

There are 8 classes of doubled dies listed below:






Double Die Classification:

  1. Class I: Die being re-hubbed is rotated near the center of the die from the position it was in during the original Hubbing.
  2. Class II: Design features on the Die/Hub become distorted or miss-shaped during the annealing/tempering process causing the images to no longer align properly when being re-hubbed.
  3. Class III: When working hubs with different designs features are used to Hub a Die.
  4. Class IV: When a Die is moved off center in the Hubbing Press from the position it was in during the initial Hubbing.
  5. Class V: When a Die is pivoted around a point near the rim during the rehubbing process.
  6. Class VI: When a Hub is overused and the design features become thickened or flattened creating thick design features on the Working Dies.
  7. Class VII: When a Die being Hubbed is impressed with a normal hub and a then re-hubbed using a hub that has had its features changed or removed
  8. Class VIII: When the top of a Die being Hubbed is not parallel to that of the Hub.


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