Close AM / Wide AM
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Close AM / Wide AM

The following is normal:

1959-1992 all business strikes and proofs are supposed to have a Wide AM

1993 all business strikes and proofs have a Close AM

1994-2008 all business strikes have a Close AM

1994-2008 all proofs have a Wide AM


So, which ones are varieties:
1992-P Business Strike Close AM

1992-D Business Strike Close AM

1998-S Proof Close AM

1999-S Proof Close AM

1999-P Business Strike Wide AM

1998-P Business Strike Wide AM


2000-P Business Strike Wide AM

So far,
About 30 1992 CAMs have been found out of 4.6 billion cents made that year. (Hey, it's more common than the 1982D Small Date copper! But, still less of a chance than winning the Powerball lottery.)

About 300 1998S CAMs
About 700 1999S CAMs

1998/1999/2000 WAMs are fairly common.

Proof and Business strike diagnostics are the same.

Info gathered from:
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