Manipulation of Precious Metal Markets
Author: Stuart Englert   -   Tuesday February 18, 2020

Name: Stuart Englert Phone: 6153566760 Message: New Book Documents Manipulation of Precious Metal Markets Titled Rigged: Exposing the Largest Financial Fraud in History, the book contains documentary evidence revealing how the U.S. government and its banking accomplices for decades have colluded to artificially suppress the price of gold and silver. Gold and silver prices would be much higher if not for repeated interventions, including leases, swaps and unlimited derivatives trading in the precious metals markets, author Stuart Englert said. Englert explains that gold and silver prices are suppressed to camouflage the declining value of the dollar and to maintain its role as the dominant world currency. He drew his conclusions after poring over dozen of documents complied by the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, as well as records he discovered during more than a decade of reading and research. The documentary evidence ranges from President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1933 executive order, requiring Americans to surrender their gold to the banks, to a declassified 1970 CIA memorandum, which reveals the International Monetary Funds Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) were created as a paper gold substitute to physical gold, plus scores of other records from government agencies, court cases, the Federal Reserve and Bank for International Settlements. Amazon has ranked the #1 New Release in the Money and Monetary Policy category. The 78-page book is available in ebook and paperback at and other retail book outlets. Signed copies and wholesale orders are available directly from the author. Englert’s email address is: ip:




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