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Buying or Selling Rare Coins

Reputable coin dealers should be able to accurately evaluate and offer fair pricing for customers looking to buy or sell rare coins.  Not every precious metals dealer or coin shop in the greater Baton Rouge area is the right fit for the rare coin enthusiast.  At Gold & Silver of Louisiana, we thrive in doing our very best to thoroughly analyse all numismatic items, to educate our customers, and to deepen and continue our own education in rare U.S. and foreign coins.   We actively buy and sell a wide variety of rare silver dollars, gold dollars, and foreign currency. 

The collectors market for rare or “numismatic” items is a moving target, for this very reason our company associates utilize the power of multiple information technology outlets to gauge the most up to date pricing of rare coins.  If we cannot accurately determine a value for you rare coin on spot, we will not bluff our way into convincing you about our knowledge, but we will commit to researching your item so as to offer you a competitive price.  If you are looking to buy a rare coin that’s not in stock, our team is happy to quickly locate an outlet that has the item in stock and secure your order for a small fee.  All of our business dealings are open and transparent transactions; it is our goal to make our customers confident in our company as a reputable coin dealer, and to cultivate repeat business.  Stop by the premiere Baton Rouge silver and gold market today; we look forward to serving all of your precious metal needs.

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