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Troy M M Miller
325 Horton Meadow Lane
Hustontown, PA 17229
Dealer # 1775
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Why Choose Us?

Simple; I specialize in Coins, Firearms, and Trains. We sell online and live auctions and appraisals. We can and do ship all over the world. We have thousands of dollars in equipment to get your items photographed and ready for their new home.  We handle coin show auctions. We do US and Foreign Coins and Currency along with firearms and trains.

We do Gold, Silver, and Paper money, and all collectibles. We own our own software so we make sure that the collection small or large to sell we can get the word out for you and SELL it to the highest bidder. We have a large collection of contacts that are looking for your currency.  

{C}·       {C}We do over 5-coin show auctions a year

{C}·       {C}We attend over 12 coin shows a year.

{C}·       {C}Over 12 firearms and train auctions.

So, contact us today to get your coins on one of our auctions.

Please contact us anytime to find out how we can help you.

Call me at 717-331-6562 email me at:  


We are working on a website that you can list your own coins on, and it is only dedicated to coins. 




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