Tom Hyland Numismatist
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Tom Hyland
P.O. Box 296
Sussex, NJ 07461
Dealer # 278
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I am an active buyer and seller of U.S. Coins, Collections and Key Date Coins. I will offer fair pricing and access to those difficult to find coins, from Cents through Dollars. If you have a particular need for any US coin, please call on me. If you have coins for sale, Please, Call or Email  your list for my TOP MARKET PRICE quote.

Estate valuations and appraisals are available by appointment for a nominal fee. Estate counselors and executors are encouraged to contact me for a precise market summary of your collection. I will either appraise or purchase your material. A liquidation service is available for larger collections on a percentage basis. I am associated with one of the largest dealer networks nationwide to rapidly liquidate your material at the highest market prices.


You can expect prompt professional service and maximum market prices for your coins.

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