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Chip Scoppa
5489 Gates Drive
Williamson, NY 14589
Dealer # 5860
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Avid collector progressed to a Dealer in 2015 with the help of a NYState's Program called SEAP. 

Specialty areas include:

Service to the Coin and Currency Collecting Hobby.

Roman Imperial Coinage, with depth in Probus, Diocletian, Maximanus & Constantine the Great era Campgate coinage. 

World War II coinage, currency and exonumia of the period including Army-Navy E Awards, OPA ration tokens, etc. Deep background in the US Mint’s work in the WWII era to supply other nations with coinage. Won a National writers award for an article on the RED - R and RED - S Trial, a WWII era BEP trial.

Extensive back ground in WEB Notes from the failed BEP trail in the 1990’s.

Past President (#100) of the Rochester Numismatic Association with a deep background in the RNA's Presidential Medals and other RNA Club medals. Chairman of the Annual RNA Coin Show.


Member of several local area Coin Clubs.

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