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Gammill Numismatics has been buying & selling numismatic 
materials, and representing clients in the numismatic market since 
1995.  However, our collecting and numismatic education began well 
over 40 years ago.  

Our business started in Kalamazoo, Michigan where we were known 
as “The Kalamazoo Coin Collector(SM)”.  In 1998 a professional 
relocation took us to Connecticut, thus prompting the name change to 
“Gammill Numismatics(SM)”.  During our time in  Connecticut our 
sales grew substantially each year.  We were very pleased with our 
level of growth and believe it reflects our ability to offer our clients 
“Quality, Rarity and Expertise” in the numismatic arena.  We have a 
deep appreciation for our clients and colleagues whose loyalty we 
value and thus take great pride in providing them with consistency in 
quality, value & our expertise in the products we deliver.

Almost every summer, we spend one week in Colorado Springs at the 
American Numismatic Association’s educational seminars as part of 
our continuing education.  Through attending these seminars, as well 
as other professional meetings and organizational memberships, we 
have developed a strong network of world recognized authorities in 
almost all areas of numismatics.  

Location! Yes, location can be very important in our business. We 
clearly benefited from being close to New York City, Boston, Baltimore 
and  numerous  national and international coin shows and auctions 
while living on the East Coast.  There is a portion of our cliental who 
do not have the opportunity to view auction lots at the major auctions 
or visit the bourse floor of many of the larger shows.  We represent our 
clients at these events.  

We travel to shows, auctions, and perform appraisals along the East 
Coast, the New England area, the Midwest and the Southeastern 
United States.

Now that we are back in Michigan, one of the richest numismatic 
areas in the country, we have expanded our network from the east 
coast - to the midwest- through the plains states and to the west coast.  
We use this network as part of our effort to find the highest quality 
numismatic items.

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