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Glenn Holsonbake
PO Box 1373
Folsom, CA 95763
(916) 718-5430
Dealer # 69
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The owner, Glenn Holsonbake, has collected coins since age 9 when he biked back and forth to the bank as often as he could to search through rolls of cents, nickels and dimes (quarters, half dollars and the occasional silver dollar bought too much then).

As a part time dealer for several years and full-time dealer the past 4 years, Glenn offers his life long experiences and knowldege in coins while fully understanding the fun and passion of his collector clients.

Over the years we have become specialists in Barber coinage from Liberty Nickels to Barber Dimes, Quarters and Halves. The owner has built his own Barber Half registry set collection in the past and would be honored to help you do the same for any Barber series or other US coins series.

Whether you use our want list service, or have us represent you at auction, we will do our job to understand your preferences and taste in the coins you wish to acquire.

We attend most major shows including Baltimore, the Orlando FUN show, Long Beach, Central States and the ANA World of Money. These major shows along with several regional shows allow us the opportunity to see a lot of coins for our clients. But even then some are tough to find but we keep looking!

Bottom line we are here to help you find the coins you need at the best price we can find. We may not be the biggest dealer around but we will work hard on your behalf and give you the personal service only someone who understands your collecting passion can.

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