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John Hamrick
3050 Royal Blvd South, Suite 100
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Dealer # 74
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  • John B. Hamrick offers you valuable knowledge with over 47 years of personal experience as a full time Numismatist.
  • John B. Hamrick & Co. attends over 20 rare coin conventions per year throughout the United States, which provides us with a continuous knowledge of the ever-changing market and prices.
  • John B. Hamrick & Co. is one of the largest Internet traders utilizing EBay, Certified Coin Exchange, Collector’s Corner print ads in various numismatic publications, and most important--our website.
  • John B. Hamrick & Co. offers personalized recommendations for your rare coin transaction (buying or selling) based upon your individual needs and requirements.
  • John B. Hamrick & Co. offers you privacy and confidentiality in all of your transactions.


  • Solicitation and fulfillment of your personal want list at agreed upon terms.
  • Recommendations for particular set(s) of coins, type sets of coins, or accumulation of quantities of generic coins for purchase based upon current market conditions.
  • Liquidation of your coins (whether raw or certified) for an outright purchase or on consignment at an agreed upon commission rate, whichever is decided to the best way based for your needs based upon our 45+ years in the rare coin business.
  • Purchase or sale of bullion related coins or bars for a set commission based upon quantity.
  • Appraisals of your current coin holdings.
  • Submission of your raw (uncertified) coins to the major grading service of your choice for encapsulation and grading.
  • Acting as your agent for an agreed upon commission at rare coin auctions which we are attending.
  • Outright purchase of your current coin holdings for immediate cash payment.
  • Private consultations at an hourly rate for any of the above or other reasons.
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