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Ron Mirr
1125 Gaskins Rd, Suite 200
Richmond, VA 23238
Dealer # 79
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Liberty Coins is an established private company located at 1125 Gaskins Road, Suite 200 in Richmond, Virginia established in 1985. We specialize in the U.S. Coin market and offers a variety of services including, collection appraisals, liquidations, bullion sales, and slabbed graded coins.

The president and sole proprietor of Liberty Coins, Ron Mirr, has been collecting since childhood and is a PCGS and NGC. authorized dealer. In addition, Ron has been a Life Member of the American Numismatic Association since February 1, 1989.

Thanks for taking time to visit us on the web. Please feel free to indulge us with a personal visit or phone call if we can be of service.

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Mailing address:  PO BOX 70235, Richmond VA  23255


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