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Bill Latour
7800 Rivers Ave Suite 1010
North Charleston, SC 29406
843.763.DIME (3463)
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SELLING? VERY IMPORTANT!!! If you look to the side of this page you will see a link titled "How To Sell Your Coins Without Being Taken For A Ride". If you are even considering selling your collection to anyone this is a must read article. We have been offered significant sums of money to remove that page from our website and have steadfastly refused. I think there are some lesser dealers out there that don't want the general public knowing how they buy numismatic estates. We have nothing to hide and firmly believe that we all have to answer to a higher power every day. Please read the article, you will understand what I am saying.

BUYING? We add about 100 coins to our site weekly. This takes a lot of time. If you have a want list, email it to us, we have over 10,000 coins in our inventory. All pricing is in accordance with the grey sheet, or the leading variety manual for those tough to find rare varieties. We have an eBay store and our own Independent Site with competitive pricing.

COLLECTING? Whether you have a small or a large collection, you need to protect yourself and your loved ones. Read "What happens to your coins if something happens to you?" You may also want to call or email us to discuss security and insurance for your collection. You are always welcome to our local club: Low Country Coin Club. We have about 40 active members who meet twice a month.

GRADING: All grading on our website is done strictly using the ANA Grading Standards because we firmly believe the ANA Grading Standards are the strictest in the industry. If we have any question with regards to the exact grade of a coin we will list it as the lower grade. You will see annotations such as "+" following grades where I think even the three "reputable" grading services may assign the coin a slightly higher grade. If a coin has chemical micro-pitting or brushing hairlines from a new or old cleaning or heavy dings or gouges we will state the same in the write ups. We would rather have happier returning customers than one shot deals. With that said, we offer a full refund on every coin we list. Simply return the coin(s) in their original unopened holders with the return shipment postmarked within 7 business days.


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