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Mark Feld
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My numismatic background:

Numismatics must run in my blood - numismatic pioneer B. Max Mehl was my grandmother's uncle. In addition to having enjoyed collecting coins as a child, I have been involved in the rare coin industry on a full-time basis since 1979, as follows:

1979-1982: Retail sales and auction consignment coordinator for Steve Ivy Rare Coins
1982-1983: Owner of Mark Feld Rare Coins
1983-1985: Auction consignment coordinator, cataloguer and auctioneer for Heritage Rare Coin Galleries
1985-1987: Buyer for David Hall's Numismatic Investment Group
1987-1989: Employed by Mark Salzberg (now an owner of NGC) as part of a two man wholesale rare coin business
1989-1991: Owner of Mark Feld Rare Coins
1991-1998: Full time grader at NGC 
1998-2004: Employed by Pinnacle Rarities, where I was involved in purchasing, sales and coin descriptions
2004-present: Owner of Mark Feld Rare Coins

The coins I handle and my way of doing things:

Ideally, I would love to have a perfectly balanced inventory featuring many more coin types and grades and to be able to offer something for everyone. However, the realities of the marketplace dictate otherwise.

I buy nice coins when I can find them AND when they are priced realistically. I'm not looking for bargains, but if I settle for sub-par quality and/or pay too much, I will be doing you a disservice. So, as circumstances and opportunities allow, I buy appealing coins at fair prices and then offer them to my customers. That means that sometimes I might have several examples of one type and/or grade of coin, but none of another. At other times the mix may be very different.

I will not offer coins which appear to have been over-dipped or conserved in such a fashion as to make them look obviously unoriginal and/or undesirable.

I strive to be fair and accurate in my descriptions. I generally prefer to err on the side of understating a coin's attributes and qualities, and prefer that my clients be pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed when they receive their coins. If you order a coin from me and upon inspection feel that my description was inaccurate, I will issue a full refund and reimburse you for your return postage.

If you ever have any questions about any of the coins I have listed for sale, please do not hesitate to ask - I am always happy to discuss them.

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