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William Shamhart, Jr.
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Having started collecting coins at the early age of 13, I made the leap to dealer two years later, setting up at my first coin show in 1976. This was a natural progression as I was always interested in history. I \"shamhart\"attended coin shows in the mid-west for the next four years before I got my first full-time job in the hobby.

I am known within the industry for having a “great eye” for both beauty and technical aspects of coins. It is through this trait that John Albanese enlisted me to put together Numismatic Guarantee Corporation’s (NGC) grading set back in 1987 as well as becoming one of NGC’s first graders. And twenty years later, with the inception of Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC), I was again recruited to be one of three graders. My love of coins has led me to appreciate all coins, in their natural state, with a serious distaste for “coin doctoring” and fraudulent practices.

I joined the American Numismatic Association (ANA) in 1976 as a Young Numismatist. In the early 1980′s I became life member 4156. My support of the ANA has led me to their summer seminar as an instructor for the last 12 years teaching “Advanced coin grading and problem coins”. In 2009 I was awarded the ANA’s Presidential award for my service.

I have spent a lifetime making contacts and building relationships in this business. It is through these that I am able to finally realize my dream: Numismatic Americana Incorporated and it’s website

My mission is simple. Make coin collecting fun through history. Numismatic Americana is my means. Yes this is a business, but it is also a site where one can find little known items and the history behind them. I welcome any comments you might have, as well as further information about any of the items listed. In the future I hope that this site will become a source for collectors, scholars, and educators alike.

In addition to selling Numismatic Americana, I also offer quality United States rare coins for sale, collection evaluation, and auction representation. Of course I am always buying quality rare coins and like items.

If there is anything I can do to make your collecting experience more enjoyable, please contact me.

William Shamhart, Jr.

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