Thief alert
Author: Steven Vesely   -   Tuesday March 27, 2018

I caught a "good customer" palming coins today. I thought. out of the corner of my eye, putting a slab coin in his pocket, after agreeing to buy three coins for $2600. Thought to myself, it can't be this 70 year old, retired school principal (his story.) Checked the video and sure enough, he did it three times.


What to do? I called a friend to ask whether I should call him, or the cops. Decided to call him and tell him "I have you on video -- three times -- and I will be calling the police if you aren't back here within the hour. He says "What coins" and I said just get your ass back here. He comes back, surprisingly, with a $5 lib in 62 and a Mark Twain $5 in MS70, and a 1909 Indian cent he took out of the bargain box. I ask him "Where are the coins you paid me for? I want them back. Get home and bring back whatever else you took" He says "What coins?" I tell him I am missing an MS65 Saint and an 09-S Indian in MS62. He returns with the three coins I sold him, and says what do you want me to do? I tell him $2600 for the two coins he likely stole (knowing there were very likely more) I give him back his check and he hands me $2600 cash. Still thinking I should have called the cops... Anyway he's local here in Illinois, but winters in Florida. 

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